What is an Arduino?

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It is like a super tiny computer that you can program to do things, and it interacts with the world through electronic sensors, lights, and motors. It was made to be easy to use and the language you use to tell it to do stuff is simple. Plants keep dying? Use a moisture sensor to tell the Arduino to tell the clamp on a water tube to open for 3 seconds. With these little devices and some pre-written codes you can dream up all kinds of applications to make life more fun for both you and your plants. Many tinkerers, artists and at-home engineers have been using the boards to build so called “smart” machines that can sense when an event happens and tell motors or servos to take action. This technology is at the heart of the interconnected Internet of Things (IoT)in which objects and data can be joined together into useful automation. Science fiction? Science fact? Learn more and decide for yourself.

The Next 3D Workshop is on the books!

March 23, 2014 Leave a comment

I’m planning an extra special 3D class in April. Helping me out will be Mr. Ray of computer center fame. We are teaming up to bring you the best class so far. The class covers (as always) the basics of 3D design software, Makerbot buttons and maintenance, and the tips for a perfect print. What is extra special is that we will be focussing on building a customized Lego block!Image

More news soon!

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PLA Pre-Conference in 3D design

March 12, 2014 Leave a comment

PLA Pre-Conference in 3D design

All these folks walked away from our workshop with their very own, self designed 3D object, printed on a Makerbot!

Free Book Mark Design

February 28, 2014 Leave a comment

A lady like to read, her cat likes to play!

Here is a little bookmark I made to share with all my book/coffee/cat lovin’ homies. I modeled the lady off my therapist, who is one smart mentor. Feel free to download and distribute as you wish. Here is a PDF suitable for printing.

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Simple Circuits (squishy and other)

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These are couple of lil dudes made out of a conductive clay that was whipped up by one of the most talented YA librarians I know, Mari put on a workshop about simple circuits and as a bonus, we used cookie cutters that were printed on the 3D printer! We also made brushbots from a pager motor, a decapitated toothbrush and a watch battery. I hacked mine to become a “Whopperbot.”

3D printing Classes at the Lab!

February 14, 2014 Leave a comment

3dPrintingCertificateI’ve had the opportunity to give an intro to 3D design class several times now and each time I learn a little more. I am also surprised at how interest keeps building in the service. I have started surveying the folks who come to the classes to try to get an idea of where to grow the program. The last survey was pretty unanimous in that participants want more advanced training with CAD software. I used an old advertising trick that doctors hate to get them to fill out the surveys, I offered one free print to whomever completed a 5 question Survey Monkey questionnaire.

How Many Doughnuts Does It Take?

December 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I realize it has been a second but I wanted o talk about Library Camp and the work I did to help promote it. Library Camp is what’s known as an “Un Conference” A free floating collaboration on scheduling a day that focuses on Library Issues, primarily tech related. This year’s marketing theme was a light hearted reference to the power of doughnuts as a draw. It was the motif that the planning committee came up with and I set about to visualizing it. After several iterations, we decided on little anthropomorphized pastries. I designed them to be as cute as possible. The design was turned into a poster, a tshirt and a short PSA.


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