Summer Reading Program PSA Archive

On a recent trip outside of my cubicle, I was stopped by a YA librarian. She was holding a couple of VHS tapes. She wanted to know if I could transfer them to DVD as a collection. As I looked at the 3 tapes, I thought to myself that they would make a good starter collection. Access Fort Wayne has pretty vast holdings of library themed videos. It’s lived in a symbiotic relationship with the Allen County Public Library since 1981. The Summer Reading Programs have rolled around annually and sometimes the stars aligned and there was a homegrown Public Service Announcement made. Sometimes the library purchased the ALA video sometimes it was made in house.

Now comes the fun part, appraisal, arrangement, description, preservation, reference services, outreach, legal concerns, and ethics. A nice description comes from the Society of American Archivists.

Today I go down the rabbit hole and into the sub basement to have my first peek at the holdings.


No Digital Native is going to get excited about WAITING to recieve a digital object

Thank you Eli Neighburger. I run hot and cold about ebooks from the library. I love love love when I can get a book delivered with the “WhisperNet” technology of my plain old Amazon Account Connected to my plain old WIFI. It’s so easy and once configured, utterly painless. But sometimes I hate the whole thing when I can’t get the book I want and the waitinglist is 355. Is that the library’s fault? It is kind of a success condition. Everybody (me) wants everything now.