Attacking the stacking

I’ve spent several hours down in the basement, looking through the stacks. The main collection starts in 1981 and runs up to the present. I’m up to 1993 or so and I’m starting to see series and sub series. I see Library Productions, Local Politics, History, Religious, Arts and Random Weirdness. The sub series include runs of programming that were also called series, so, Religious: /Power of God’s Word, 1998-2005, or Arts:Artlink Presents, 1986-2001. This is just the very first, very glancing appraisal. Luckily there is a good database of tape entries, the next step would be to evaluate the accuracy of the information in it. The tape library was moved twice in the last 6 years and has had several identification overhauls, one that is pretty serious where the entire tape numbering system was changed. I started an Excel spread sheet to collect the entries I’m interested in digitizing.

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