Dots! I have them!

I asked for some dots to help with the archive building process. One of the basic tenets of archiving is preservation of original order* I’ve decided to mark tapes I think are worthwhile with these lil buggers so I can find them in the Access database and organize them in to series more easily.

On a side note I had an interesting conversation with the Assistant Manager of the facility about the collection. First of all, there is an (outdated) collection development policy in place, taken from an early version of the library’s. Since we don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, one of the topics for the staff meeting today should be the revamping of that policy. Oh boy, I have something to talk about at the staff meeting!

*Foundation principles for organizing and keeping archives

1. The principle of provenance
files of a feather stick together, records originating from one office or individual form a distinct body of material.
2. The principle of original order
restrain yourself, records are to be maintained in records/archives repositories in the same scheme of order and with the same designations they received in the course of the business of their office of origin and primary use.
3. The chain of responsible custody
Only You….can prevent archive fires, the responsible manager’s obligation to ensure both the physical security and the intellectual integrity of the records as evidence.
from the delightful:

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