It’s on like Donkey Kong

At the staff meeting last night I brought up the fact that we are going to be presenting a workshop at the end of July on Community Media Archiving, specifically PEG Access collections. So we need to get our walk up to our talk. I was tasked with overseeing a workgroup that will hammer out the details of the care and feeding of the Access Fort Wayne Program Archive. The group includes me, the Program Director, the current archivist and some as yet unnamed I.T. person.

What we want to accomplish

1. Review the Collection Development Policy

2. Write a Digital acquisition Policy

3. Appraise the Collection

4. Weed the collection

It came to light that many of the files that have been “Born Digital” are in no way being archived. Standards for past formats will need to be written forward to include such formats.

Digital asset management needs to be addressed. The storage, deletion and description of digital assets should be a priority as many of the external storage devices being used are near capacity.

I will schedule the first meeting of this group for the end of next week.


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