Collection Development V.S. Acquisition Policy

Access Fort Wayne’s tape collection grows every day. It extends back in to the distant past. We have a front end of stuff that is pretty much unclassified. There are vague Genera assignments, but “Event” really doesn’t cut it for description. The backend is a little easier to parse in that time can give you a lens to look at events to decide if they work in context. Post 911 public events involving the Indiana Supreme Court seem to fit in to the “cultual/regional heritage” criteria. The DAP can guide us on what goes into the permanent collection while the CD can help us with the more recent items. The issue is the collection is serving 2 functions at the moment, it is a “Working” library for the facility where programs go in and are played for their timeliness and an “Archival” library that is useful as a recorded reflection of the community.

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