Issue for the Workgroup

While pulling tapes today I did a quick survey and found that the oldest digital tape in the collection dates back to 9/97. On the same shelf were 16 3/4″ tapes and about 5 SVHS tapes. It is kind of the unofficial policy to play DV tapes before their analog compadres because the DV format is:

1. easier to play because there are more decks and

2. because they are viewed as more robust

I think we should include in the digitization policy that DV tapes that get played on the channel should be digitized using the Nexus at the highest setting, tracked and stored on the odrive or some other large storage option. A field should be added to the database that includes the filename (which means we need to come up with a file naming convention). A feasibility study should be undertaken to evaluate the number of hours of ingested files reside in a Gigabyte of storage and then extrapolate the amount of disc space needed.

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