What you need for a conference presentation

Because you have three audio sources, you need a mixing board, a Fast Track Pro, 2 mics, a slew of cords and adapters.

Here is a handy reference picture.

2 xlrs, a head mic, a stick mic, Fast track, usb cord, mini-to-phono adapter, Mackie soundboard, Phono-to-mini cord. We tested the audio using Some online conferencing product by Cisco, but in real life we will be using Adobe Connect. Whhot.

ALA Vitrual Conference Participation

So, Library will be a remote site for an ALA session.

Apparently, the joint project is garnering interest and we’ve been asked to put together a presentation. We are looking at 45 mins total with 30 mins being scripted content. The Adobe Connect session will be held July 19th from 3-4 in Conference Room A.

My participation will include: June 19th, 10 am: tape the Director in his office, get picture.
June 20th, meet at the site to collect interviews/pictures and train on how to use audio equipment.

I will also help prepare the Powerpoint and set up the audio for the event.

Digitization Activities

While prepping for the presentation, I came across an excellent resource for anyone attempting a digitization project. It’s put out by the Federal Government. It looks at projects in an organizational, format agnostic light. This makes it scalable to any kind of material and any size collection. I suggest you read it. It breaks projects down into four main phases planning, pre digitization, conversion and post digitization. Good times. I’m working on the agenda. There will be two reports, on about our disc usage and one about the facility humidity and temperature status.