Children’s Storytime App

Back from a meeting exploring the possibility of creating a series of on demand storytime elements for people with smartphones to hand to their screaming children perfect angel babies. I was glad to have input on the ground floor for this because I wanted to test drive my new “FIRST RULE OF VIDEO PRODUCTION IS….SCRIPT!!!!” document. I’m pleased to report that it was considered and we have a first step planned, mainly, someone is going to write a 2 minute script and collect the images needed and then (god willing) hand it to me and I will run my magic mojo on it and Viloa! Content for the library in smartphone form. I like the idea of shaking the phone to get a new story. I’ll be if I tried real hard, I could author that app…Or maybe just build it in Flash…I know, Flash is the devil, but what else do you build interactive applications in these days? I’m sooooooo behind the times.

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