Chatting with the I.T. guy about storage

behold…the answer to all your problems. Hewlett Packard x1600

you find out the most interesting things….like how monstrous video files are (even when you have compressed the bujeezus out of them). At our current MPG2 settings one half-hour show takes up nearly a Gigabyte of space (900mb). The entire library’s ILS, mail system, staff storage, back ups, etc. fit nicely on a 6 TB server. We have that already in our playback system. We need storage….and lots of it. The other day my boss and I got a look at the new virtual server system that has just been implemented. What we saw was a rack with big ol’ storage devices, 48TB to be exact. That is what we want. The HPx1600, ladies and gents. You buy this and start packing it with 6Gig drives.

Hardware is easy. We need to establish our archiving practices before this behemoth ships. Naming Convention, Content Management System, Metadata, Controlled Vocabulary, Collection Development Policy, Accessibility. The list is a long one.

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