Digital Archive Project

Here is a list of my goals for this project. The ball is already rolling for hardware thanks to the IT guy, my manager and a local vendor. Now it is time to talk about how the files will be organized and how we will search amongst them. Our tape collection is currently being weeded by the facility’s assistant manager in accordance with the department’s collection development policy.

A “big Bucket” if you will, needs to do more than act like another external hard drive. It is more than just a catch all for digitized files. It will function like a digital shelving rack. Currently we seek out tapes from the library using

first, the date created,

second, the title and

finally, the tape number if further information is needed.

A label looks like this:

12/12/12 Power of theĀ  Word of the Almighty etc.


The tape number is the unique identifier assigned in a very old (2000) database created in Microsoft Access.

There are fields attached to series programs, such as Creator, Title, Description and then the entries contain episode titles, duration, date and format. There are currently about 9000 tapes described by this system.

We need to be able to describe both One Off Shows (shows that are not part of a recurring series) and Series shows that have multiple episodes. As it stands, there is no keyword searching for individual episodes.

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