Access Fort Wayne Digital Files Policy

Access Fort Wayne Network Attached Storage Device
Records Management Policies and Procedures
The purpose of this project is to create surrogate digital files for playback in the AFW system in order to protect the original tapes in the Access Fort Wayne Library.
Criteria for inclusion on the NAS device:
Unique programs that are of local, cultural, artistic or historical value will be considered for inclusion on the Network Attached Storage Device.
Any tape that is retrieved from the extended tape library in the sub-basement will be automatically encoded and stored on the NAS.
Any program that has been chosen for archival preservation will be included on the (NAS).
Appraisal of recent programs (within the last 2 years) for digitization and Network Attached Storage (NAS) will be made by primarily by the Program Director with advice from Access Fort Wayne Staff.
Naming convention of the files stored on the NAS:
All files collected on the NAS will be named using the unique identifier number created by the Access Fort Wayne database.
Programs that are episodes of series will be encoded and stored using the above criteria.

Archive Policy for The Mass Storage Unit (NasAFW24)

As a storage device for playback files:

The primary function of the Network Attached Storage Device (NASAFW) is to store files for active playback on the channels. It is to serve as a place to store the thousands of files that playback regularly on the channels. Tapes are currently stored in the sub-basement, ranging from 1981 to 2009. Any tape from the sub-basement that is scheduled to play on the channel will be encoded during playback and the file sent to the NAS for longterm storage. Once the tape has played, it will return to the sub basement to be physically archived (and never played again until a long term, high quality solution is determined and enacted.) Anytime that program is scheduled to play, (barring digital playback system failures) it will be from the digital file and not the tape.

In collaboration with the current archiving program:

If a program has been archived as a part of the AFW Archive program and the program director wishes to play one of those programs, the archivist will provide a DVD for “ripping” the file into the NASAFW24 storage device and the tape will remain untouched.