Waiting for a home

I Had a very productive meeting with an I.T. staffer last week. We discussed the initial build of the Drupal environment I will be working with. He said that he would build it so that I could be “User 1” which means that I can build and destroy, build and destroy with impunity. This is a relief, while I don’t want to be responsible for loading Drupal on a server (not yet, at least) I do want the freedom to add modules and update versions and all the other things I don’t know that I want yet. So, I continue to add files to the server, I hope it doesn’t take too long to start identifying and organizing files because there is now almost 100 files on the server! Woof!

Drupal Drupal Drupal

If I say it enough, maybe it won’t sound so weird to my ears. In looking for a CMS for the digitized tape archive, I’ve run into some issues that make an Off-The-Shelf option not possible. I was told point blank to quit dreamin’ so I just shifted my dream elsewhere. Open Source! Who cares if I have to teach myself how. In my experience, that’s how I learn anyway and it’s not like I have zero experience with code. I was once pretty good at the HTMLs and the CSSs. I’ve got a meeting Friday to discuss the stack and the install and admin rights and whatnot, so I say, BRING IT! Either I fail and wind up penniless or I succeed and have the life I’ve always wanted.

Content Conundrum

So, I’m archiving a 15 episode series of DVCAM tapes about local entrepreneurship. This series was created in the early 2000s and has a bunch of interesting and successful people talking about their lives and what they did to succeed. Or, it’s the children or former business partners of said success stories.