March Outreach Activities

 Producer Coordinator, Bob Ihrie, telling it like it is to a room full of rapt film enthusiasts.
Bob Telling it Like it is

The media production landscape is changing. The public has turned into media creators, not just consumers. Public Access was started to facilitate this change in 1981. It was designed to provide access to media for the entire population. What wasn’t foreseen was the explosion in outlets for video content created by members of the public.

In order for Public Access to remain relevant, we need to re-establish ourselves as a hub that that can provide community, training opportunity,  and technical support to local content creators. Outreach will be key in providing community for local video producers.

March 12th was the date of the first ever Fort Wayne Filmmakers Summit. Held in the Spectator’s Lounge of the Cinema Center from 7 to 9PM. The attendees ranged from  first time screenwriters to seasoned veterans of the film industry. The audience filled the space and it was standing-room-only for a number of the 90 participants. First on the agenda was the filmmaker’s perspective: Each speaker presented a personal description of the projects they had participated in and a critique of the good and the bad of working on video production in Northeast Indiana. We were lucky enough to be invited to the event and I Co-presented with my coworker, Bob Ihrie.

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