3D printing Classes at the Lab!

3dPrintingCertificateI’ve had the opportunity to give an intro to 3D design class several times now and each time I learn a little more. I am also surprised at how interest keeps building in the service. I have started surveying the folks who come to the classes to try to get an idea of where to grow the program. The last survey was pretty unanimous in that participants want more advanced training with CAD software. I used an old advertising trick that doctors hate to get them to fill out the surveys, I offered one free print to whomever completed a 5 question Survey Monkey questionnaire.

How Many Doughnuts Does It Take?

I realize it has been a second but I wanted o talk about Library Camp and the work I did to help promote it. Library Camp is what’s known as an “Un Conference” A free floating collaboration on scheduling a day that focuses on Library Issues, primarily tech related. This year’s marketing theme was a light hearted reference to the power of doughnuts as a draw. It was the motif that the planning committee came up with and I set about to visualizing it. After several iterations, we decided on little anthropomorphized pastries. I designed them to be as cute as possible. The design was turned into a poster, a tshirt and a short PSA.


Celebrating National Library Week

It’s been a busy week! I’ve been working on a deadline for National Library Week which starts next week. This PSA is a collaboration between the manager of my department, the high school intern and me! They wrote and shot the script and I shot the final frames, added the text and edited the clips, sounds and music. This was a fun project and a welcome break from the indecipherable Drupal distributions I’ve been working through.

Covering Children’s Programs

This was a fun week for me because it is the annual Puppet Show week. Back in the day this event was held in the program room of the downtown library and it was a challenging set up. What works for a room of squirmy toddlers doesn’t always translate onto the tv screen. There was a wireless mic system that was finicky and a lighting set up (overhead florescent) that was downright unflattering. Luckily the show is now held in the theater and the lighting and mic situation is much better. There is even a sound guy! I took a small hand held HD (Sony PlaySport) camera around during a performance and collected some extra footage then used Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro to put this short together!