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If I say it enough, maybe it won’t sound so weird to my ears. In looking for a CMS for the digitized tape archive, I’ve run into some issues that make an Off-The-Shelf option not possible. I was told point blank to quit dreamin’ so I just shifted my dream elsewhere. Open Source! Who cares if I have to teach myself how. In my experience, that’s how I learn anyway and it’s not like I have zero experience with code. I was once pretty good at the HTMLs and the CSSs. I’ve got a meeting Friday to discuss the stack and the install and admin rights and whatnot, so I say, BRING IT! Either I fail and wind up penniless or I succeed and have the life I’ve always wanted.

Small Video Archive in practice

Today’s post is about a small collection of videos created in 2000, 2001. It is a series about local businessmen and their entrepreneurial activities. There are 15, one hour programs that are in the interview format. Processing these shows involves

1. Encoding them from the original DV tape into Final Cut Pro using the NTSC DV compression setting.

2. Exporting the Timeline (with a minimum of editing, ie, removal of outdated PSAs that had nothing to do with the program) to Compressor to the Higher quality settings to be burned onto a DVD.

3. Further compression of the file to the Leightroinx format standard for playback on the channel.

4. Publishing of the Leghtronix formated file to the network attached storage for playback archive.

5. creation of a 2-3 minute teaser clip for use on the library’s YouTube page.

6. Publishing of the Leightronix file to PegCentral, the department’s webstreaming service

Graph showing progress
My high-tech tracking system.

Santa Claus is not coming this year

It looks like the hand crafted Content Management System we were hoping the magic coding fairies would make us is not going to materialize. 5000 bux a week to develop what we want…..so….now we are going to have to take responsibility for finding a solution ourselves…(le sigh) (les sighs) So, the first thing we need to do is expand our environmental scan. Seems like we are breaking some new ground here as far as Access Centers, but that doesn’t mean other format based archives haven’t figured this out. Sound Archives, Radio Stations, Small businesses. Somebody, Anybody! ANyway, part of taking ownership is identifying what we want this thing to do. Here is a list:

Database Requirements:Image

1.    Must be able to migrate existing data from Microsoft Access database

2.    Must be able to export Csv

3.    Program Playback: Searchable Fields

  1. Length
  2. Genera
  3. Producer
  4. Keywords
  5. Series Title
  6. Episode Title
  7. Unique Identifier (Tape Number)
  8. Format
  9. Location
  10. Archive
  11. Date Created
  12. Status (Played or unplayed)

4.    Program Scheduling: Reports

  1. Daily playback log by time
  2. Daily playback by unique identifier (Tape Number/Date Created)
  3. Tape labels
  4. Monthly playback statistics