Sony AV 3600

IMG_4993I was told that the uptake reel was messed up on it but it is physically functioning. I learned how to put a reel on and how to thread it. The heads pass signal and it’s kinda ok, but even with tracking and skew adjustment, it is still crappy, with lines running through the picture and a weird throbbing of signal. Ken says I should get the waveform vector scope out of the vomit pile storage unit and hook it up to see what the signal is doing.

I found this handy little 100 pager over at my buddies, Internet Archive, thanks guys, you might be seeing these reels if I can’t figure this out.

Using a WordPress Blog to talk about Drupal

as Bugs bunny would say “Oh the irony, the Eye Roe Knee!” But here I am, documenting what I’ve been up to. My job so far has been to download modules to extend usability and to understand how those modules stack on top of each other. Many times you will find that you download and install a module and then find that you need to have another module installed for everything to go. I needed Scheduler to run FeedsImage

My challenge is to figure out the best way to store information about a digitized video file. I’d like to attach all the fields from an extant Access database. The information is a bit hierarchical in that there are series programs that have numerous episodes as well as single programs. I need to store information about both kinds in a searchable way. Since I’m dealing with (potentially) hundreds of files with 10 fields apiece, I’d like to automate it…somehow.Image

Santa Claus is not coming this year

It looks like the hand crafted Content Management System we were hoping the magic coding fairies would make us is not going to materialize. 5000 bux a week to develop what we want…….now we are going to have to take responsibility for finding a solution ourselves…(le sigh) (les sighs) So, the first thing we need to do is expand our environmental scan. Seems like we are breaking some new ground here as far as Access Centers, but that doesn’t mean other format based archives haven’t figured this out. Sound Archives, Radio Stations, Small businesses. Somebody, Anybody! ANyway, part of taking ownership is identifying what we want this thing to do. Here is a list:

Database Requirements:Image

1.    Must be able to migrate existing data from Microsoft Access database

2.    Must be able to export Csv

3.    Program Playback: Searchable Fields

  1. Length
  2. Genera
  3. Producer
  4. Keywords
  5. Series Title
  6. Episode Title
  7. Unique Identifier (Tape Number)
  8. Format
  9. Location
  10. Archive
  11. Date Created
  12. Status (Played or unplayed)

4.    Program Scheduling: Reports

  1. Daily playback log by time
  2. Daily playback by unique identifier (Tape Number/Date Created)
  3. Tape labels
  4. Monthly playback statistics