Sony AV 3600

IMG_4993I was told that the uptake reel was messed up on it but it is physically functioning. I learned how to put a reel on and how to thread it. The heads pass signal and it’s kinda ok, but even with tracking and skew adjustment, it is still crappy, with lines running through the picture and a weird throbbing of signal. Ken says I should get the waveform vector scope out of the vomit pile storage unit and hook it up to see what the signal is doing.

I found this handy little 100 pager over at my buddies, Internet Archive, thanks guys, you might be seeing these reels if I can’t figure this out.

Celebrating National Library Week

It’s been a busy week! I’ve been working on a deadline for National Library Week which starts next week. This PSA is a collaboration between the manager of my department, the high school intern and me! They wrote and shot the script and I shot the final frames, added the text and edited the clips, sounds and music. This was a fun project and a welcome break from the indecipherable Drupal distributions I’ve been working through.