My first Javascript sketch


I know it doesn’t look like much, but I’ve been looking around for a way to learn Javascript and I’ve just been plowing through all these different learning sites and suggestions. I did CodeAcademy, which was nice, but there can be super steep learning curves from section to section and sometimes I would make it through a lesson only to wonder if I was just a trained pigeon, pecking squares.

Then I did Lynda for a while and that was nice too, but sometimes it was so dry that I’d swear I was paying attention, writing down notes and then realizing I had no idea conceptually what just happened.

Did WW3, Codepen Tutorials and Random Whispery Youtubers, all without much effect.

Then I found Coding Rainbow, I love this guy ( Daniel Shiffman) because his teaching style matches my frenetic, concept-hopping learning style and all of his whiteboard scribbles, cheap green screens, tangents, malfunctions, distracting asides, etc., add up to a way of learning that sticks in my brain. I pledge to Patreon him when I make it through a couple courses. I just wish the Intro to P5.js was in focus, it kind of offends my prissy video production assistant sensibilities.

function setup() {


function draw() {

// ellipse(130,130,200,200);

Drupal Drupal Drupal

If I say it enough, maybe it won’t sound so weird to my ears. In looking for a CMS for the digitized tape archive, I’ve run into some issues that make an Off-The-Shelf option not possible. I was told point blank to quit dreamin’ so I just shifted my dream elsewhere. Open Source! Who cares if I have to teach myself how. In my experience, that’s how I learn anyway and it’s not like I have zero experience with code. I was once pretty good at the HTMLs and the CSSs. I’ve got a meeting Friday to discuss the stack and the install and admin rights and whatnot, so I say, BRING IT! Either I fail and wind up penniless or I succeed and have the life I’ve always wanted.